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of Electromagnetics, Controls, and Optimization!

of Electromagnetics, Controls, and Optimization!
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Electromagnetics:  remote sensing (RS), synthetic aperture radar (SAR), LADAR, polarimetric decomposition; computational electromagnetics (finite-difference time-domain, finite-volume time domain), electromagnetic theory, radar cross section (RCS); precision agriculture, oil and gas exploration, sensor fusion
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Controls:  control theory and design, nonlinear control, optimal control, stochastic optimal control; fuzzy logic, neural networks, spiking neural networks; flight control systems, navigation and guidance
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Optimization:  design optimization, linear programming, nonlinear programming, parameter estimation, trajectory optimization, conceptual design
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Other: Biomimetics, Energy, Software, Quantitative Finance

Biomimetics:  bio-inspired technologies, biomimicry
Energy:  hybrid-electric systems, clean and renewable energy, fuel cells, ultracapacitors

Software Programming:  C++, Java, MATLAB, Visual Basic; data-driven websites (CSS, HTML, mySQL)
Quantitative Finance:  commodities, equity options, ETFs, futures options, technical analysis

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Fred Harmon of FGH Engineering, LLC has worked in research laboratories, flight testing squadrons (graduate of the Air Force Test Pilot School), and undergraduate and graduate engineering institutions.  Fred graduated from the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) with a graduate degree in electrical engineering (electromagnetics, antenna theory, communication systems) in 1996 and earned a PhD in mechanical engineering (control systems, optimization, unmanned systems, clean and renewable energy) from the University of California-Davis in 2005.  Recently, he was an Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at AFIT where he taught courses in optimization, optimal control, nonlinear control, and energy.  Currently, he is an associate professor of electrical engineering at Cedarville University where he teaches controls, electromagnetics, circuits, and systems optimization courses.  FGH Engineering, LLC was founded in 2017.
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